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Market Analysis

BML Success Story

Multi-Channel Marketing
 We analyze market and develop successful business plan 

At a Glance


+25%p YoY sales increase, 1 year after the implementation of the strategy and program

The Situation

Pharmaceutial Company C is a global company headquartered in the United States.


It has been sold with excellent product power so far, but it is having difficulties in delivering messages due to the aggravation of the pandemic situation while competition is getting fiercer.


Digital marketing KPI evaluation scales are not improving customer experience, dissatisfaction among staff is increasing, and the result is not effective enough considering the amount of resources invested.


In this regard, BML was requested consulting on digital marketing methods and future strategies.

Our Approach

▶︎ Analyze the digital marketing channels and contents conducted so far, into detailed units from various angles


▶︎ Evaluate customer responses to digital marketing and presenting alternatives


▶︎ Propose company-level preparations and expectations along with the presentation of a five-year plan and introduction of automation services

The Results

Reducing repulsion of internal employees and improving satisfaction by improving the existing incorrect KPI evaluation criteria


• Successful relaunch of digital channel redesigned by reflecting customer feedback


• Improving customer experience through channel operation based on customer responses and preferences


• Journey to organic omnichannel begins

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