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Market Analysis

BML Success Story

Market Analysis
 We analyze market and develop successful business plan 

At a Glance


+25%p YoY sales increase, 1 year after the implementation of the strategy and program

The Situation

Medical Device Company A is a global company headquartered in the United States and is growing in the Korean market.


The relevant market seems to be growing, however Company A wants to know if the current growth of its product is a temporary phenomenon or an opportunity in the future.


In other words, Company A wants to confirm whether it will become a new business growth momentum in the long-term trend.


In this regard, BML was requested consulting services on market research, sales forecast, and opportunity factors.

Our Approach

▶︎ Characterize the market that is growing more than other sub-markets, after analysing macro market trends


▶︎ Develop and suggest services and messages that could satisfy the unmet needs of key decision makers in the market


▶︎ Derive points of differentiation from competitors

The Results

1 year after the implementation of the strategy and program by investing additional resources as suggested by BML, 


+25%p YoY sales increase

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