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Market Analysis

BML Success Story

BML Success Story

Business Development
 We analyze market and develop successful business plan 

At a Glance


+25%p YoY sales increase, 1 year after the implementation of the strategy and program

The Situation

Medical Device Company B is a global company headquartered in the United States, selling other consumer products in Korea.


While preparing to launch a new medical device in Korea, the healthcare industry was struggling with access due to regulation differences from general consumer goods.


The positioning of competitive products sold by domestic companies has been firmly established over the past few years, so it is difficult to overcome this.


In this regard, BML was requested to conduct business development and campaigns.

Our Approach

▶︎ Understand key decision makers and market dynamics through Patient Journey mapping


▶︎ Derive CSF by identifying issues and opportunities based on forecasts and changes for 1-3 years


▶︎ Develop messages and key visuals that reflect key decision makers’ needs

▶︎ Implement programs that combine offline marketing and online marketing

The Results

Improving customer satisfaction through effective messages and key visuals to establish a premium position in the market in comparision with domestic products


• Understanding key decision makers and laying the groundwork for partnerships with them


• While BML is running the campaign, Medical Device Company B hires highly experienced employees without being pressed for time


• Handing over of previously made matters to experienced employees

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